Mikael Kennedy – Passport to Trespass Vol. 8 & 9 – Part 1

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Mikael Kennedy’s decade long Polaroid documentation of his travels comes to end in these final two books in the Passport to Trespass series. Having sold out almost all Volumes previously (Vol. 6 selling out in under a month), this final set of books 8 & 9 covers the epic ending of the Polaroid blog during the years of 2009-2011

“Maine to Wales, through Spain, back and forth across America, into the jungles of Puerto Rico, and finally home, we are walking a fine line of wild”

The Polaroid work of Mikael Kennedy is represented by Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY and has reached international acclaim in the past few years after his first solo show in NYC at the Historic Chelsea Hotel where 500 Polaroids documenting 10 years of travel were on display. In 2010 Kennedy was invited to lecture and exhibit at the international Polaroid Symposium in Cardiff Wales. Kennedy’s Polaroids are part of the Permanent Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, TX and private collections worldwide. The entire Passport to Trespass series is now archived at www.passporttotrespass.com

I featured a selection of photographs from Mikael’s series The Odysseus a few years ago but for whatever reason I didn’t explore more of his work and missed his polaroid project Passport to Trespass.

Then back in June after I wrote about ‘All the Photobooks I’ll Never See,‘ Mikael dropped me a line inviting me over to his apartment to take a look at his book collection. Since we live a few blocks from each other in Greenpoint, it was a short walk to his place.

We had a good conversation about photography, the internet, photoblogs, writing and New York while I browsed through a few of his books. He showed me a few of the early books from Passport and told me about how he was going to end the series. It was interesting to hear him talk about finishing the project. I got the sense that he really wanted to close this chapter of his photographic journey and move on.

But there was still work to be done.

A month ago he emailed me letting me know about the final two Volume’s. We met for a beer in Greenpoint and discussed how we could collaborate to show some of the work and promote the books.

For the first part, I went through all the images Mikael sent me and ended up selecting 30. I thought it’d be interesting to present them in a grid, in the exact order that I selected them. Clicking on the main image brings you to another jpg which is much larger, allowing for a closer glimpse at the individual photographs.

For the second part of the feature, James has created a Two for the Road style edit which I think you’ll enjoy.

Over the last year, I’ve been thinking about collaboration and what it means for what we’re doing on LPV. Living in NYC as provided me with the opportunity to meet many photographers in person to discuss their projects and LPV features. It’s probably incredibly obvious but there’s a bit more magic to the process when you meet with someone in person than corresponding over the web.

Naturally, I can’t meet with everyone but even through email I’m finding that I much prefer to have longer discussions with photographers before we publish a feature. It’s much more rewarding, not to mention it builds a stronger relationship which I feel comes through in the features.

I’d like to thank Mikael for reaching out that day in June and inviting me collaborate as his beautiful project comes to an end. Thanks for bringing a bit of magic to the process Mikael!

Books Specs:
2 Books:
5.5 x 8.5″
Perfect Bound
Signed and numbered
Limited edition – 100 sets
#8: anywhere i lay my head = 246 pages
#9 : this is the end = 94 pages
$95 (usa) / $115 (international)

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