Michael Jang

“I’m the Rip van Winkle of photography,” says Jang, 57, a good-humored guy whose easy manner is reflected in his unassuming photographs. “Thirty-five years later, I’m coming out and showing this stuff.”

Sometimes RSS feeds yield wonderful surprises.  I pulled in an article on Michael Jang from the SFGate and instantly knew I’d stumbled upon a photographer working in the spirit of LPV.  He has a current exhibition in San Francisco on his family, called ‘The Jangs’, which you can check out on his website.  Truly wonderful photography.

I want to take the preciousness out of these pictures,” he says. “I don’t want the kids to think the art world is unattainable.” He doesn’t date or title them. “I think a photograph can stand on its own without any help – no title, no explanation. You just look at it and say, ‘Nice.’ “

Michael Jang: Family snapshots become fine art [SFGate]

Michael Jang Photography [michaeljang.com]

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  • http://bryanformhals.com/ bryanf

    ha. well, perhaps simplicity rules the day in this case.

  • http://www.robertmcpeakphotography.com Robert McPeak

    And here I was trying to exterminate “nice” from my photo critique vocabulary.

  • http://www.janpostma.com jan

    a lot of very nice photos on his website, thanks for the link