Lukasz Wierzbowski – Neon Tambourine

Photographs ©Lukasz Wierzbowski

While traversing the corridor between Tumblr and Flickr you encounter plenty of photographs of pretty young adults wearing stylish clothes, laying about and running around. Often times they tend to blur together and you really have no concrete idea whose responsible for making the photographs. One photographer whose work that tends to stick out from this crowd is Lukasz Wierzbowski from Poland.

Wierzbowski’s photographic universe feels like a snow globe that’s in constant state of motion, resulting in compositions where furniture, color and contorted models end up scattered about anywhere and everywhere. With his camera, Wierzbowski brings order to this chaos. In the photographs there’s often a sense that everyone involved in the production is aware that there’s something absurd and surreal about what they’re doing, making the photographs at times seem like slight exaggerations of what one would expect.

The photographs are youthful and frenetic. They make me want to tell everyone to just calm down and relax for a few moments. But then I remember they’ll have plenty of time to do that when they’re older, so they might as well use their youth to run around, look beautiful, contort their bodies and have fun playing for the camera.

LPV Issue One

  • Crystal Ketterhagen

    Super quirky and uplifting in some images. With rundown girls is en vogue, it’s refreshing to see a slightly optimistic and playful attitude….

  • Madjid


    Madj x

  • Tim White

    Agreed. In a sea of Urban Outfitters aspirants, this work is singular.