The LPV Collection: Sweet Vitriol At The End Of The Earth by Kramer O’Neill

Sweet Vitriol At The End Of The Earth

by Kramer O’Neill

Till Human Voices Wake Us was shot over the course of one summer, mainly on the beaches of greater New York City. Like many of my projects, this one is about recreation, but recreation in an environment where real danger lurks. This was a particularly deadly summer for drownings off the New York coast, and yet, that danger — and that calculated risk — is integral to our enjoyment of this space. These forces will some day destroy us, yet for the moment, we consider them our playthings. For some, this is self-delusion; for others, the thrill comes from a unique sensation: that of seeing one’s own death.”

Kramer’s cinematic photographs from Til Human Voices Wake Us evoke feelings of tranquility and terror. The ocean can inspire awe in us moment and in the next remind us how little control we have against the forces of nature. His use of stark black and white tones create a dreamscape that’s perpetually interrupted by an ever encroaching darkness.  When looking at these photographs, you feel as if you’re right in the middle of the water, waiting for the waves to crash around you.  Kramer certainly heeds Capa’s dictum: “If you’re photos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

We’re excited to offer an exclusive photograph from this series, Sweet Vitriol At The End Of The Earth.  This meditative photograph captures one of the calm moments in the series.  Yet within the frame we feel a sense of foreboding. Mary, the woman in the photograph seems to be contemplating her next move, head slightly lowered, hands closed, the water rippling away from her. Will the darkness consume her? Or does she have a bit more time in the peaceful light? We as the viewer are forever caught in between, the tension never to be released as we look out toward the end of the earth.

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(Includes a copy of Photographs on the Brain Issue #1)

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