Louisa Marie Summer – Jennifer’s Family

Photographs ©Louisa Marie Summer

The photographs of “Jennifer’s Family” share my experience with Jennifer, a 27 year-old first-generation Puerto Rican woman, whom one day I approached in South Providence, RI. Jennifer lives with her Native American life partner and their four children in a run-down three-bedroom apartment at or near the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder. South Providence is an urban neighborhood with a large African-American and Hispanic population, high unemployment and crime rates, and where many families live well below the poverty line. In spite of difficult living conditions, poverty, and illness, Jennifer manages to maintain optimistic while thoroughly caring for her children.

For more than two years I have been portraying the daily life of Jennifer and her family and developed a close relationship based on mutual understanding, respect, and trust. Being a victim of the current economical crisis the family has been evicted from their apartment beginning of this year.


  • Happyfeet Ib

    Wow very beautiful family the lady and her
    Kids.look just like my family, i mean just like
    This family,god bless this family very beautiful

  • Jonathan w.

    Louisa has the ability to get close to her subject regardless of race or income gap. We need more people like her who can do it in a simple way which turns out deeper than just another quick glance at poverty shot by a photographer looking to do a quick buck. Great work.

  • J Brugger

    I really like the pictures of Louisa. What is really fascinating about them is that the people do not pose but they are rather caught my an almost invisible camera. Very nice work.