Letter from the Editor – Issue #4

Welcome to Issue #4 for LPV Magazine. It’s been about a year since I made the decision to start publishing a print version. I’m proud of how far we’ve come but as we all know there’s always room for improvement. This issue came together in a much different way than the previous issues. Through conversations and collaborations I realized that I had a few projects I wanted to publish in the issue. The very loose theme is about collaboration with each feature illuminating a different aspect of it.

With this issue, I also decided to publish more text, including two full interviews. As regular readers will know, I’m very much interested in the relationship between text and images, so in this issue I decided to explore that a bit more.

Opening the issue is a project from John Francis Peters about musician and Iraq War veteran Brian “Wolf” Critton. It was developed through the ADP Workshop which is a new collaboration that I’ve been working on with Ross Mantle. I’m excited to see how this evolves and think it will be a fascinating new endeavor. The interview with JFP was one of the more illuminating I’ve conducted for LPV, especially his insights about collaborating with Brian on the project.

Next we have a collaboration between Miki Johnson and Anna Shelton that explores the nexus between fiction writing, poetry and photography. It was exciting to work with both and learn about how well they worked together, which you can learn more about in additional web features.

For a few years now, I’ve been watching the work of Mark Peckmezian on the web. He’s had a considerable amount of success at an early age and I’ve been curious about how he’s handled that and what he has planned for the future. It was great to have a conversation about his work and as is often the case he turned out to be much different than I expected, but in the very best possible way.

The issue wraps up with a collaboration between writer Ryan Headley and long time LPV contributor James Turnley. Their project ‘The Slowest Fastest Man’ was started on Tumblr this year and I found it to be clever, funny and an interesting approach to using text, photographs and a platform like Tumblr. I thought it would translate well into print as well and be a perfect fit for this issue.

As always, thanks for your attention and support. I deeply appreciate it.


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Issue 4

LPV Magazine: Issue 4

Featuring work by John Francis Peters, Miki Johnson and Anna Shelton, Mark Peckmezian, James Turnley and Ryan Headley.

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  • John King

    Thoughtful selections of work and very well designed pages. Wonderful issue, thanks!