Jonah Migicovsky – Filtered Life

It has to be difficult being a young photographer these days. The impulse to share everything and connect is natural and easy through the web, but if you’re serious about pursuing photography you also need to edit and refine your vision. I think for many young photographers the best plan is to just go out and photograph as much they can without worrying too much about editing or making a career out of photography.

In Jonah Migicovsky’s work I get a strong sense of someone whose doing just that, living their life and making as many photographs as possible. Sure, there are plenty of your standard party pictures and hip kids doing their thing, but what else would you expect? Once the filtered life is actually filtered, what emerges is a talented photographer I believe will develop and evolve over the years to make some really interesting photographs.

Jonah Migicovsky is based in Montreal. You can view more of his work on Filtered Life.

  • Alexis A

    Very nice discovery, thank you LPV!

  • Jen G.

    love them all! today I hate myself!!