Jesse Marlow – “Don’t just tell them, show them”

Photographs ©Jesse Marlow

The photos in my series ‘Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them’ are a visual reaction to encounters in my daily travels. For me, it’s about searching for an ambiguity that lies just below the surface. Set in the environment of everyday, this series aims to explore the banality of modern day existence through themes of abandonment, suburbia and daily rituals.

In many of the photographs, suburban backdrops set the scene, with indistinct compositions deliberately challenging the viewer to ask “Am I seeing things?” I want these photos to raise more questions then answers. Compared to my previous work, this series aims to illicit a far greater interaction with the viewer. – via

When I first was directed to the work on iN-PUBLIC a few years ago, Jesse’s work resonated with me strongly right away.  I appreciated his eclectic approach to street photography, vivid color palette and sense of humor.  His photographs take me to a place that’s at once recognizable and yet completely absurd and otherworldly.

Jesse is based in Melbourne, Australia.