Introduction – Venice

Welcome to Issue #2 of LPV Magazine. I was on my second glass of wine thinking about a theme for Issue #2 when Venice popped into my mind. I liked the idea but wasn’t sure how it’d work exactly. I knew I wasn’t interested in a literal interpretation of the places we know as Venice, but more what they represented metaphorically.

Both places conjure up the romantic idea of creative enclaves, places where artists and other free spirited individuals escaped to in order to pursue their art or create new lives. From that idea, I searched for three photographers whose work I felt evoked this idea of a creative enclave.

Katie Shapiro’s photographs of friends, family and landscapes transport us to a Southern California that feels like it can only be known by someone whose lived there forever. The personal connection she has with her subjects is felt in her photographs and makes us feel as if we’re catching a rare glimpse into extraordinaire lives.

Missy Prince’s photographs of the Oregon landscape represent an admiration for the power and beauty of nature that’s become a central theme for so many photographers and artists today. In her photographs, we can’t help but feel that sense of awe and discovery that compels her to adventure out into the natural world she reveres.

Mark King’s work takes us to the heart of Barbados and island living. Surrounding himself with aspiring models, musicians and other artists, he documents life as an island flaneur. There’s an immediacy and spontaneity in his work that’s infectious and perfectly represents the ‘spirit of la pura vida.’

The issue closes with a group show Edited by James Turnley. His interpretation of the theme is a kaleidoscope of color, characters and fleeting scenes. As you close the final page, I hope the journey through ‘Venice’ leaves you thinking about the uniqueness of the enclave you call home.

The interviews and web features will be rolled out over the next few days, so stay tuned!

Special thanks to Geoffrey Ellis for the excellent design and layout!

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LPV Magazine Issue 2: Venice

Featuring work from Katie Shapiro, Mark King and Missy Prince, plus a group show with work from 15 photographers from around the globe. Published in print three times yearly, you can purchase a subscription which gets you all three issues plus exclusive conten…

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