Introduction – LPV 5

After publishing Issue 4, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for the next issue, and wasn’t in the mindset to think about it either. Within a few weeks though, I had come across three projects I knew I wanted to publish, and had another two in mind. Sometimes luck is on your side.

It was at Photoville this past June that I discovered Nicholas Calcott’s project City of Salt. I was intrigued by how he created his fictional city using documentary style photographs. His City of Salt has a strange, almost futuristic vibe, as if it exists in a parallel universe, one that we might recognize but still makes us feel uneasy.

Around that same time, I went to the SVA thesis show to see Amani Willett’s book, ‘Disquiet.’ I’d been familiar with his street photography work from In-Public, so was curious about how his MFA experience impacted his work. ‘Disquiet’ is a deeply personal work that addresses his anxiety over becoming a new dad in a time of economic, and political turmoil. With Occupy Wall Street in the backdrop, Amani has woven together a narrative that takes deep into his private life as well as into the streets of New York.

Last year John MacLean was generous enough to send me three of his books. After viewing them numerous times, he quickly became one of those photographers that would roll off my tongue anytime someone asked me for recommendations. When he sent me an email about his new project, ‘New Color Guide,’ I knew I wanted to publish it in the magazine. On the surface of it, this would appear to be an investigation of how color works on our senses, or that’s what he wants you to believe. When you start to dig deeper, a subtle, strange narrative emerges. To me, MacLean is a mad scientist simultaneously conducting multiple experiments at the same time, one dealing with color, the other dealing with humans and how we observe them. The resulting work is a disorienting journey into his photographic universe.

Over the last year I’ve been following Alexi Hobbs work through Tumblr and have come to appreciate the way he traverses the editorial landscape while still producing new, personal work. Many young photographers have a tough time with this balance, but Alexi has excelled. In this edit we showcase selection of new work.

In the final piece of the issue, I write about my experience as a subject for Tabitha Soren’s brilliant Running project.

Bryan Formhals
November 2012

Running With Tabitha Soren
Alexi Hobbs – New Work
John MacLean – New Colour Guide
Amani Willett – Disquiet
Nicholas Calcott – City of Salt

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By LPV Magazine in LPV Magazine

110 pages, published 11/9/2012

Featuring work from Amani Willett, John MaClean, Nicholas Calcott, Alexi Hobbs & Tabitha Soren. Including an introduction and essay by Bryan Formhals