Introducing the ADP Workshop

©Rush Jagoe

I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with the ADP Workshop which is lead by Ross Mantle. Ross and I have been working on this for a few months now, so it’s nice to finally move onto the next stage. The first result of this collaboration can be seen in Issue 4, with John Francis Peters project WOLF. Following is an introduction from Ross.

The ADP Workshop is a network of photographers and collaborators who recognize the importance of sharing their work with the people they document. Through holding regular participant review meetings, building an ongoing collection of work and exhibiting its participants’ projects, the ADP Workshop explores new ways to foster dialogues between artists and communities.

In 2006, Jim and Carla Winn pulled together a group of photographers to spend a week in West Texas taking down the stories of the region. They did it again in 2007 in the Mississippi Delta and in Appalachian Kentucky the following year. While attending the Mississippi workshop, I found the goals, ambition and community of ADP to be critical in a time when our communication happens more often through social media and storytelling from less recognized regions lacks support. Projects from the ADP Workshop will be easily found online, but we want to make sure that it gets to people directly and help to start new conversations between photographers and the people that they document.

Since I took over production in 2010, the ADP Workshop has gone through some changes to help it remain sustainable for coming years and is now relaunching. We’re now accepting project submissions on an open and rolling basis and this Fall (Dates TBD) we’ll be hosting the first ADP Workshop Review over a long weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. The Review is for ADP participants to come together to share, critique and discuss their projects while generating ideas on how we can get each project back into the places it was made.

I’m excited to help continue the standards that ADP started with and help it continue. Please check in at for more info, news and work and also here at LPV. And please feel free send any questions, comments, ideas or work to