Help Fund Hamburger Eyes Issue 13

Hamburger Eyes from Nick Fogarty on Vimeo.

Hamburger Eyes is using Kickstarter to fund Issue 13. I hadn’t heard fo Kickstarter before because I probably wasn’t paying attention, but it’s intriguing.  This certainly could be an effective model for zines and collectives to raise money.  The key feature is the different pledge levels which each come with their own “prize.”  If you pledge $15 or more you get the issue sent to you. What’s not great about that!?!?! And it’s interesting that the $300 level gets you an ad in the issue.  Of course, if they don’t raise the required $3,000 the project is dead.  Is this a sustainable model?  I think it’s certainly on the right track with the key element being the different levels of support.

Oh yeah, and you should support Hamburger Eyes.  Great photographs, great guys, and they type of publication that should be supported and kept alive in a tough economic environment.  I’ve embedded a couple of cool videos about them as well.