Hee Jin Kang: Red Wing & Sandy’s Deli

Photographs ©Hee Jin King

From the series Sandy’s Deli

“For two years, I photographed at my parents’ corner store Sandy’s Deli (and later in their apartment) located in Queens, New York. Through this photographic investigation of a place, I create a portrait of my parents, though I never point the camera directly at them. Working with a 4×5 view camera, I saw layers of accumulation, and objects that, in their disarray, made rhythmic juxtapositions. I am interested in how this accrual of stuff can be peeled away to reveal something simple, poetic and intensely personal, even within a public space like a Korean deli.”

Photographs ©Hee Jin King

From the series Red Wing

Photographs all taken in the summer of 2008, in Red Wing, Minnesota, the town where my parents met in the early 1970’s.

Hee Jin retweeted an LPV link the other day which brought her work to my attention.  A good example of how interacting can create new connections.  I enjoyed her work, especially these two series which both dealt with her parents.  There’s a connection between the two that intrigues me, as if they could make up two parts of a larger body or work or book.  These photographs are detailed, calm, and somewhat detached, which draws me into the work and make me want to keep looking.  It’s the kind of photography that seduces me in a way that’s not always comfortable.  It might also be germane to a conversation I’ve been partaking in about “narrative.”

The internet, it’s about connections.

Hee Jin will have work showing at Graphic Intersection (curated by the Exposure Project) at the Umbrage Gallery in Brooklyn and One Hour Photo at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in DC.