Harlan Crichton – In The Shadow of The Burning Dog

Photographs ©Harlan Crichton

As a twenty-two year old male I am part of a wartime generation. A minority of my generation has chosen to participate in the war; most have remained stateside. As one who chose to stay I am interested in the people who left. They have experienced the brutality of war and I have not. In this body of work I have embedded myself in the aftermath of their homecoming. What is it like to have driven past banners on the highway, the dreams of their service and learn to be civilian again? In Even Wright’s book Generation Kill an older marine said “Don’t pet a burning dog.” I have appropriated this “burning dog” as a symbol for war. All soldiers have seen, touched or felt it. They have lived in its’ shadow since their service. By photographing these men in their domestic spaces I am investigating their re-assimilation into their previous lives and society.

Harlan Crichton

I sure hope Harlan pursues this project to the end.

via Carl Gunhouse

  • John K.

    This is very strong work and I hope he continues this project.
    There is also a recent documentary film on the subject of returning war vets that is definitely worth seeing  http://www.postergirlthemovie.com/

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HSQY2LFBDHJRGERVX74V3VDD7E Kevin M

    There are some really strong photos here.