George Georgiou – Hidden: Psychiatric Institutions in Kosovo and Serbia



photographs©George Georgiou

Expiration Notice put out its first volume and included is the work from George Georgiou.  This type of intense social documentary work isn’t something I’m always drawn to but some of these photographs are bizarre, sad and beautiful all at once.  Certainly worth checking out. 

George Georgiou via [Expiration Notice]

  • Andrew

    Thanks for that… intensely strong work. I like the ‘Happy is he who calls himself a Turk’ series, too. Utterly different, but deep.

  • Mox

    Not for the faint-hearted but superb, nonetheless. I feel torn between letting the images speak for themselves and wanting to know more since I have an interest in mental health Looking through his other work he seems to have a variety of styles; the Georgia series being very different – and again, the London (Invisible) series. In fact, I’m wishing there was a book available of the Georgia stuff, at least. Thanks for sharing, Bryan. Mox