Galata Bridge: Sequence #1

Yogi Berra hugging Don Larsen after his perfect game. AP Photo 1956

Galata Bridge is an editing collaboration/experiment between Bryan Formhals, Blake Andrews, Wayne Bremser, J. Wesley Brown and whomever we decided to add later. The game will be familiar many, but hopefully still interesting. If nothing else, maybe you’ll find a few new photographers you didn’t know about. The sequences are put together in a private Tumblr. The process is simple and often contains bits of commentary, some of which will appear in future installments.

©Larry Fink, Pat Sabatine’s Eighth Birthday Party, Martin’s Creek, PA, 1977

©Henri Cartier Bresson – 1937, Coronation of King George VI, London

©Robert Frank – London, 1951

©Stephen Shore, Uncommon Places

Missy PrinceThe Dalles, OR, 2011

©Susan Worsham

©Michael Cinque, Total Strangers