Gabriela Herman – Endless Summer: At Leisure

Photographs ©Gabriela Herman

Big congrats to Gabi for being one of the Critical Mass Mass 2011 winners. I’m excited to show a selection of new work she made over the summer at Martha’s Vineyard.

Summer has always been sacred in my family. In grade school my siblings and I were shipped off to the island of Martha’s Vineyard the day after graduation and were not allowed to leave the island until labor day weekend. As a child, leaving ‘the mainland’ for such an extended time seemed a bit like punishment, as we looked longingly at all of our friends getting to experience the indulgences of summer camps. As an adult, of course, I see that this choice was the best possible one my parents may have ever made. Summers for me meant spending every waking day with my ‘summer sisters’ playing cards on the beach, driving down dirt roads listening to Judy Blume novels, and rotating between each other’s houses for homemade meals and heated games of Monopoly each night. As soon as I picked up a camera freshman year in high school, from then on, I consistently captured images of summer life. Sometimes staged productions, other times mere documentation, my earliest photographic explorations mainly took place on this special island. The connection to a place, bonding with a community and vibrant outdoor life are qualities that have since defined my photographic path.

  • Srhphoto

    Nice work !!
    Shelly Harrison

  • susan heilbron & andy goldman

    loved the photos!  you’re the greatest!!!!!!!!


    susan & andy

  • Bolt | Peters

    Soooo good.