From the Inbox – Nathan Ward

This photo was taken on one of the most stressful days of my life. Considering the circumstances of its creation I’m glad it has become one of my most popular photos.

Before I took this photo my friend Jason (not pictured) had to build a raft from driftwood and weeds to carry my camera bag across the rapids. I was stuck in the river for 30 minutes with the bag on my head waiting for a way out.

She is addicted to her phone, you can see it coming out of her pocket.

Abandoned homes are far too common where I’m from.

First sign that winter was coming, now I’m really missing the long summer days.

Nathan Ward is currently studying at West Virginia University.

Photographs ©Nathan Ward

  • C. Wade

    I also loved seeing the quotes under the photography. Great, interesting post!

  • Dan

    a good caption can really throw a photograph into relief, huh? it’s much more rewarding to read these compact sentences than a blanket statement of, “i’m interested in exploring the relationship between nature and technology…”