From the Inbox – Katja Kremenic

Photographs©Katja Kremenic

I tend to take my time going through submissions. I never want to rush because if someone takes the time to write me I want to take the time to go through their work.  I receive about a 50/50 split between projects and general portfolios. Amongst the general portfolios the most interesting come from those with Flickr streams. More often than not I’ll skip over their portfolio site and go straight to Flickr because I know it’s a bit more unmediated and raw.

I’m always on the look out for photographers from countries that we don’t hear much about, especially if they’re working in a more personal documentary style. It’s difficult to tell how a photographer might develop over time. Some might give it up or move onto other mediums, while others might be life long obsessives.  When I look at the work of  Katja Kremenic I get the impression she might be one of the obsessives.

Katja Kremenic - Ljubljana, Slovenia