From the Inbox – Craig Nunn

photographs ©Craig Nunn

Craig Nunn. Leeds-born, Cambridge-based photographer. Also a one-time Bollywood extra, and one third of a pop group called Internet Forever.

When I opened the email and saw that Craig included latest music video from the band he’s in, I smiled.  It was a first for LPV. But seemed perfectly in-line with our ethos.  Most photographers either have day jobs or other creative outlets.  I’ve always been interested in how these type of photographers integrate their work with other activities, be it their day job or musical career. My friends over at wrote an great piece on this awhile back called ‘The Insiders,’ which is worth a read if you missed it.

My taste in music is rather vanilla, and we’re not aiming to be Pitchfork over here, so don’t worry, but I enjoyed the video and thought the song was catchy.

(Note: From our recent entries it might appear that we’re favoring the “lo-fi-grainy-washed-out” look recently, but really, it’s not intentional. Just the publishing flow.  I’m sure we’ll be featuring some crisp, clear large format landscapes soon enough.)

Internet Forever