From The Inbox – Rob Hann

From the series Deserted States of America

From The Plant That Ate The South

From the series Seta and Her Friends, Montclair, New Jersey – working title

Rob was born in Salisbury, England and spent his childhood on the family farm. His wanderlust led him to leave the farm and head for the bright lights of London where he joined the fire brigade. Over the following years he lived and worked in Austin Texas, New York City, Milan, Paris and London again before returning to New York where he’s lived since 2003. He kept himself busy with a great variety of jobs before becoming a photographer and shot his first commission,a portrait of Lydia Lunch, in 1993.

I enjoyed wandering through Rob’s view of America. It takes you from the desert, to a football town in West Texas, to a group of friends in Montclair, New Jersey to some of the biggest names in music and culture. Really, how could LPV pass up a photographer who’s made portraits of David Byrne and David Simon?  Happy Friday.