Featured: parkersburgers by Robert McPeak

One of the primary reasons I stick around Flickr is because I enjoy stumbling upon projects in their infancy.  The process of photography is enigmatic and fascinating, and I’ve always been intrigued by photographers who conceive of projects they’re not entirely certain about.  Watching projects like this evolve is one of the absolute benefits of photography on the web.

I’m not sure what Bob’s ‘parkersburger’ project is about, and I haven’t exactly been able to figure out where the fuck Parkersburg is located on the map.  But the other night as I was browsing through photographs these portraits held my attention.  There’s a heavy Arbus influence here, but that doesn’t bother me.  As I was browsing through the set I kept thinking about ‘parkersburg’ and what the hell is going on there right now.  The name seemed perfectly appropriate for the photographs.  The project is in it’s infancy, and who knows how it’ll end, but it’s the type of work that makes me excited and curious about what will come next.

parkersburgers set on Flickr

Robert McPeak