Featured: Kate Kirkwood

©Kate Kirkwood

I am  a photographer working from a farm base in the Lake District in England.

This is the first in what will hopefully be several featured essays from individual photographers.  I’ve been following Kate’s work for awhile now and have always been impressed with how she takes the street photographers approach and applies it to a rural setting.  Instead of humans moving through the city, you have animals moving through the countryside.  And through her work, we see that Kate is at home in both settings.

Interview and Feature – Too Much Chocolate
Feature – Feature Shoot
edited by Bryan Formhals


  • Mox

    Kate sprinkles her magic on the Lake District and it’s a joy to behold. A lovely selection!

  • nilsjorgensen

    Excellent. What a wonderful edit of Kate’s inspiring work.

  • Chuck

    Her work always makes me feel as if I’ve fallen through the rabbit hole into someplace beautiful and strange, but completely real.