Featured – Alex Cretey

“So, before I can talk about my photography it’s important to share my history.

I was given a small kodak instant camera as a kid. I used it for the single purpose of taking back memories to my parents when I was away from home, to share with them what I had lived. I couldn’t bare the idea of them being absent and not experiencing what I was seeing. I was obsessed with the – “Look what I saw!”

Later on, when I completed Art school and was starting my career as a painter, I would use the camera as a tool for bringing back documents to assist in my art works. I used to paint, in a photorealistic way, fictional landscapes with a documentary feel. These landscapes were
complex models involving ideas such as history, communication, language and memory. What I was aiming for was to build a kind of anthropological model with remanents and indications of human living in the world. Photography came along when I found my self frustrated with painting as I spent my days alone in the studio. I felt the psychological need to go outside and meet the world again.

My photography follows this similar documentary and fictional thread that can be seen in my paintings.Working with cameras is now, in my opinion, a better tool for engaging with the complexities of the real world. In painting you can create, plan and model images, where as in photography the challenge is to use the exisitng world to capture ideas and express feelings. In the space between the familiar and unfamiliar, my pictures try to transform reality into singular moments with a strong metaphoric weight. Within my photography I am still playing with the ideas of figuring absence, memory, language and history.”

- Alex Cretey

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  • Virginie deren

    Que du beau ! Belle sélection de photographes ! j’adore