Featured: Rachel Wolfe – 90,000 Miles On I-90

©Rachel Wolfe

“This book chronicles a specific window of time in the life of a girl from a small town. The words were written over the span of seven years, the photographs made during the final years of this time dedicated to learning and the establishment of beliefs for a more meaningful existence. Assembled together as a non-linear narrative, the culmination of passion, vague absence, unknowing, disbelief and the variable tribulations shared amongst a generation growing up during the twenty and twenty-first century transition. A story about a life between two worlds, half in the country, half in the city and somewhere alongside the highway that binds the experiences that would eventually make the woman you may meet today. She is on the street, she is in the woods, she intently listens as you speak your stories and offers you hers. This woman is me and perhaps every other person you meet. For we all have a similar story to tell, but this is my turn, and I invite you to share in this journey with me.”

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