Episode 3.5 – Richard Bram




In this episode, photographer Richard Bram joins us to talk about the book he’s working on, the bad brand of street photography, the late great Christophe Agou and much more! Over the years I’ve had several conversations with Richard about photography both online and in person. He’s been making thought photographs for a long time and always interesting insights about photography and life in general.

He’s currently working on a book of color photographs taken on the streets of Lower Manhattan, so it was interesting to hear about his process, especially some of the challenges he’s facing making a book dummy. I’m sure many people will be able to relate.

We also talked about Street photography! Street photography! Street photography!

But only for a few minutes because we had some interesting books to discuss: Shoreditch Wild Life by Dougie Wallace, ‘Columbia Road’ by Johanna Neurath and LES FAITS SECONDAIRES by the late Christophe Agou.

To view spreads from the discussed books as well behind the scenes photos be sure to visit our blog. 


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