Episode 2.9 – Russet Lederman & Jeff Gutterman


Episode 2.9 – Ruesset Lederman & Jeff Gutterman 

As I was putting together the posts for this episode, I again realized how fortunate I was to have looked at the great books that Russet and Jeff brought for this episode. When we started out this season, I couldn’t have predicted that we’d be able to look at a first edition of Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens. I remember Hin Chua raving about it several years ago which is when I first heard about it. Then of course it was named the best photobook of the last 25 years. 

So, I was excited for this episode, and probably a little more nervous than I have been in the past. Again, we need to thank Olia and Mathieu for hosting this episode, feeding us a great meal and then making the photos of the book spreads.

Russet and Olia are doing inspiring things with 10×10 Photobooks, and thePhotobooks Facebook group. I keep learning more and more from them, not to mention meeting people who are incredibly passionate about photobooks, like Jeff Gutterman. It was great to ask long time collectors about the books they love and buy.

The world of Japanese photobooks is fascinating, so I hope you enjoy our conversation with Russet and Jeff. I learned a few things, I hope you do as well.

William Klein – Tokyo

Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Document 1961

Shuji Terayama. A Collection of Stage Fantasy Photos



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