Episode 2.30 – Noel Camardo


Recorded June 26, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

This is the final episode of season 2. We’ll be back with season three at some point in the future, when exactly, we’re not sure yet. It was a busy season, and we were lucky to end it with a great episode. I’d seen Noel Camardo’sphotographs on a blog several years ago but it wasn’t until he started sending me his zines that I began to follow him more closely, primarily through Tumblr. He’s one of the obsessive photographers, always out photographing, always working, always hustling. He’s the type of photographer I gravitate towards, and after thinking about it for a few days, I’v realized that all of the photographers on the show have been similar in that regard.

Be obsessed, work hard, and reach out to people. A simple formula.

It was great to hear Noel’s stories about RIT and photographing on the road. We’ve seen so many good books this season, and this episode was no exception.

Thanks for following along! We hope you enjoyed the conversations and books.


Photobooks/Photography Discussed

Like A One Eyed Cat by Lee Friedlander

Lemons Grow in Paradise by Owen Butler

So Long by Bernard Plossu

RFK Funeral Train by Paul Fusco

Cellphone by Noel Camardo

Los Angeles by Noel Camardo

The Brick by Noel Camardo

Warwick Mountain Series by Philip Perkis

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Executive Producer / Audio Engineer / Music  Tom Starkweather

Producer Eddy Vallante

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