Episode 2.3 – Mathieu Asselin & Olia Yatskevich


Episode 2.3 – Mathieu Asselin & Olia Yatskevich 

As I mentioned last week, we recorded the episode with IPG at the apartment of Mathieu Asselin and Olia Yatskevich in Long Island City as part of a double header. This week, I’m excited to share the conversation I had with Olia and Mathieu who each have a unique perspective on photography and photobooks. Olia is one of the collaborators behind 10×10 Photobooks, and the popular Photobooks group on Facebook. You will have a difficult time finding anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about photobooks than Olia. She recently started writing reviews for Collectors Daily, which is well worth checking out. 

Mathieu has been working a long term project Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation which looks at the history of the company and the impact its products have had on people and communities over the years. It’s a sad, brutal, and infuriating project, which will eventually become a book I believe will will make an impact. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him over the year, and learning more about his background and approach to photography.

In the second half, we discuss a couple books from Latin America, Mitopoemas Yanomam. Claudia Andujar and Para Verte Mejor, America Latina. 

You can view the spreads at the links below.

Spreads from Mitopoemas Yanomam.

Spreads from America Latina. 

Spreads from Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation 



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