Episode 2.28 – Rachel Sussman


Recorded June 13, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

The title caught my attention right away: ‘The Oldest Living Things in The World.’ It’s a perfect title for a book and a perfect headline for the internet age. The photographs at first look might not knock you out, but when you realize that the tree you’re looking at is 2,000 years old, the equation changes. Rachel Sussman’s book is a perfect blend of science and art. I can’t recall another book I’ve seen where the captions and the photos work in such harmony to create a powerful viewing experience.

I’ve been obsessed with this project from the first time I saw it. I was excited and nervous when she agreed to come on the show. I had so many questions and ideas I wanted to discuss that my mind nearly went blank…and you’ll hear that a few times in the show! Thankfully Rachel is an eloquent speaker and knows her work inside and out. It was the most illuminating conversation I’ve had this season. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as Tom and I did.

Photobooks/Photography Discussed

The Oldest Living Things in The World by Rachel Sussman

Hiroshi Sugimoto: 7 Days/ 7 Nights

An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar by Taryn Simon

Cosmigraphics by Michael Benson

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