Episode 2.25 – Patrick Gookin


Recorded May 31, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

I’d met Patrick Gookin in 2007/2008 while I was living in Los Angeles but only vaguely remembered the night when he reached out last year to share his work. It’s a strange feeling when someone remembers a moment with you that you have trouble retrieving. One of the hazards of getting old I suppose.

Patrick was in town for a workshop with Todd Hido, but found enough free time to join us to talk about his book Los Angeles By Car, living and photographing in Japan, taking pictures out his window in Silver Lake, and “men flashing plants.”

He has been working on a new project about the California drought and each of the books he brought along were intriguing. As we like to say, we’ve set up a pretty good scam for checking out photobooks with this podcast.

I can safely say that doing this show is how I prefer to experience new photobooks. Each week is a surprise and that makes it fun and interesting for us, and hopefully for you as well.

Photobooks/Photography Discussed

Untitled California Drought Project by Patrick Gookin

Tono Nights by Patrick Gookin

Views From Home by Patrick Gookin

LA By Car by Patrick Gookin

Surf Fiction by Werner Amann

Home by Sakaguchi Tomoyuki

Ipy Girl Ipy by Tad Wakamatsu



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