Episode 2.24 – Jennifer McClure and Amy Touchette


Recorded May 15, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Candid or staged? It’s one of those debates that often get photographers riled up. In the past, I would empathically state my preference for candid photography but as I’ve studied more over the years, I’ve come to appreciate a multitude of photographic approaches. This episode offers a photographer on both ends of the candid or staged spectrum.

I met Jennifer McClure while I was reviewing at PhotoNola a few years back. It turned out we live in the same neighborhood. I’ve yet to run into while going to the grocery store but I have seen her at a few photo events over the years and have followed her progress online. It was great to see her win CENTER’s Editor’s Choice in 2013 after years of hard work. She continues to push forward with new projects and recently started photographing single people in New York City which may sound simple but as you’ll hear in the show, turns out to be quite challenging. The internet opens doors but often times when you walk through them you end someplace you never expected.

Several years back when I was infatuated with street photography, I discoveredAmy Touchette’s street portraits and end up featuring her series The Insiders on the magazine. Since then I’ve followed her career through Instagram and Facebook. Her book of black and white documentary photographs of ‘The World Famous Bob’ showed another aspect to her photography which I found intriguing. She’s one of those fanatical photographers whose always making photographs, mostly of strangers out on the streets of New York. Her Instagram of Street Dailies is another good example of a photographer using the platform to share high quality photographs. It’s a perfect platform for her style of spontaneous street portraiture.

I probably should mention Amy and Jen are close friends but I think after you listen to the show, that fact will be clearly obvious. It was an honor spending an afternoon with them talking about our mutual love for photography.

Photobooks/Photography Discussed

Laws of Silence by Jennifer McClure

Street Dailies by Amy Touchette

Shoot the Arrow: A Portrait of the World Famous Bob by Amy Touchette

Carnival Strippers by Susan Meiselas

Small Trades by Irving Penn

Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort edited by Peter Galassi

Other Rooms by Jo Ann Callis



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