Episode 2.22 – Brett A. Davis


Recorded May 1, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

 A few weeks ago I walked over to 10×10’s Shashin Zine Fest in Long Island City. Outside the gallery, I ran into Yoshi, who introduced me to Brett A. Davis. Almost immediately, Yoshi said “You should have Brett on the podcast.” That’s a strong endorsement. Over the evening Tom and I chatted with Brett, and learned that he’s been working on an “ongoing photo/audio project documenting the culture of Catholic Sisters in the United States.” He’s also photographing the cats of Bushwick. I didn’t need much more convincing, so the next day we made a plan to hang out and record a show. Brett didn’t disappoint. He brought a stellar set of books, including a few of his own. We hope you enjoy!

Photobooks/Photography Discussed

Dai Kinchö by Brett A. Davis

-blue by Brett A. Davis

And Also With You by Brett A. Davis

Ny? by Brett A. Davis

Dogs Talk to Us by Takagi Hiroshi

Modern Times by Patrick Tsai

Girls Blue by Hiromix

Sentimental Journey by Araki



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