Episode 2.19 – Paul Kwiatkowski


Recorded March 28th, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

When your first book receives critical praise from the likes of Ira Glass and Alec Soth, it’s probably safe to say you’ve created something worthy of attention. I met Paul Kwiatkowski when he sent me a pitch for a feature in LPV Magazine. What ended up being published was Kid Tested, Mother Approved which later made it into his book, And Everyday Was Overcast. When he finished up the book he sent me a PDF which I read on my iPad while flying to Minneapolis. It was one of those rare occasions when a piece of art completely messed with my mental furniture. It felt like the mix of writing and photography that I’d been searching for since I embarked on the photographic path.

We struck up a friendship and last year decided to collaborate on a project, which we’ve titled Willow Lake. It has been an intense experience at times, but well worth it because it’s the most fulfilling collaboration I’ve had with another artist to date. Whenever we hang out and converse I always feel like I’m pushing my ideas forward.

Earlier this year Paul wrapped up his project “Eat Prey Drug’ which was published entirely on the web with Black Balloon. The presentation is one of the most unique I’ve seen for this type of narrative. Paul takes risks and never pursues the easy path. I’m happy he joined us for a conversation.

Special thanks to Tamara Kametani for photographing our conversation.

Photobooks/Photography Featured

Excerpt from Willow Lake 1

Excerpt from Willow Lake 2

And Everyday Was Overcast by Paul Kwiatkowski

Radical Eye by Miron Zownir



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