Episode 2.18 – Khalik Allah


Recorded March 22nd, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

With photography, sometimes all it takes is a handful of photographs for a photographer to capture the imagination of a wide audience. Last year, within the span of a few weeks Khalik Allah started to appear frequently in my streams. I started seeing his photographs in my Tumblr dashboard and had a few emails from trusted people telling me I should check out what he was up to.

He passed the Joerg Colberg test. He was named Harlem’s Street Photographer by Time Magazine. His photographs were blogged and reblogged. He busted out. It took me a few weeks to absorb what he was up to but I eventually became another admirer.

He was suggested by a few people as a potential guest for the show. It was a no brainer. We were finally able to bring over to the studio to talk about what he’s been up to and where he thinks he might be going. One hour was hardly enough time to dig into his brilliant and ambitious mind, but we hope you enjoy what we were able to capture.

Photobooks/Photography Featured

Ten photographs by Khalik Allah

Vietnam by Eddie Adams



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Executive Producer / Host Bryan Formhals

Produced by Tom Starkweather and Eddy Vallante

Audio Engineer and Music by Tom Starkweather