Episode 2.17 – Josh Kesner


Recorded March 14th, 2015 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Josh Kesner earns his living as a director of photography, and like many of us pursues his photography on the side. He went to RIT at the same time as Tom but they never met until after they graduated. We thought he’d make a good guest because he’s passionate about making candid photographs in public but doesn’t follow much contemporary street photography, unlike Tom and I who have been immersed in the genre for several years. I was mostly interested in some new photographs he’s been making with an anamorphic lens adapter.

It was another one of those conversations where we ended up discussing how he could push the work forward in a new direction. That’s always exciting for me because as we all know photography can be a lonely pursuit and sometimes it’s difficult to speak honestly about your intentions and ambitions.

Photobooks/Photography Featured

Ten Photographs by Josh Kesner

The Present by Paul Graham

Street Photography Now



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Produced by Tom Starkweather and Eddy Vallante

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