Episode 2.15 – Charlie Johnstone & Corey Presha


I met Corey Presha last fall sometime, maybe at the NY Art Book Fair. That was around the time I first heard about SUN, a new publishing company he was apart of along with Bill SullivanCharlie JohnstoneMatthew GamberAaron McElroy, Curtis Hamilton and maybe some more people, I’m not exactly sure whose officially apart of it, and that’s one aspect I like about it.

I got to talking with Corey about photobooks and ended up meeting Charlie Johnstone at the second photo salon hosted by 10×10. I dig what they’re up to so I invited them onto the show. They seemed like a perfect fit. Little did I know what I was getting us into.

Of all the shows we’ve recorded, this one stands out as perhaps the most memorable. The chemistry between Charlie and Corey is something unique and amusing to witness. It’ll come through in the show. The books that they shared with us were amazing. We didn’t even have time to talk about or photograph them all. This episode also contains perhaps my favorite moment in all of them. I won’t dare ruin the fun but I assure you it’ll be something I’ll never forget. You can definitely expect both of them to make a return appearance in the future.

Photobooks Featured

Ghirri by Luigi Ghirri

Twentysix Gasoline Stations by Edward Ruscha

Lovers by Corey Presha

Libby by Charlie Johnstone

Havana 2006 by Charlie Johnstone

A Few Empty Swimming Pools by Charlie Johnstone



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Executive Producer / Host Bryan Formhals

Produced by Tom Starkweather and Eddy Vallante

Audio Engineer and Music by Tom Starkweather

  • Cyrus

    I enjoyed this informative and entertaining listen. Charlie and Corey are really knowledgable and their love of photography and photo-books really comes across.

  • Christian

    Awesome Show! There’s not too much out there where art/editorial’ish photographers discuss how they’re working. And when you download it, put it into Audition and apply some compression to balance the laughter and low levels, you actually get to understand many of the stuff which is said (non english native here). ;-)