Episode 2.14 – Amanda Jasnowski & Sarah Jacobs


I met Amanda Jasnowski for the first time after the opening for the Photographer’s Playbook at Aperture. James Chororos introduced us and Eddy later suggested she should come on the show. I thought it was a good idea. She’s a photographer I’ve known from primarily her Instagram where she has a crazy amount of followers, which as we discussed has some great advantages but also some drawbacks.

I thought she’d make a good guest because she has built a large social media following over the years and leveraged it into a solid career, but she’s also someone whose still questioning the direction she wants to take her photography. We’ve chatted on Facebook a few times about editing and developing ideas for books, which as you all know is a topic we like discussing on this show.

We asked Sarah Jacobs if she’d like to come back on as a co-host and she fortunately (or foolishly) agreed. She’s a fan of Amanda’s work and how she has built her career, so I thought she’d have some interesting questions to ask since she’s more tapped into the commercial and editorial world than I am.

It all tied together when Amanda told us that she’d met Roger Steffens in Los Angeles recently. Steffens of course, is the photographer behind The Family Acid which is one of the best books I’ve bought recently. I think you’ll enjoy our chat about the book

Selection of photographs by Amanda Jasnowski

Selection of photographs by Sarah Jacobs

Spreads from The Family Acid



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