Episode 2.11 – Noah Kalina

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A few years ago, Noah hosted two photobook meetups at his Williamsburg studio. He organized them with Jorg Colberg and I after several months of chatting about photography and photobooks. We liked the idea of a small group of people pulling books from their collections and sharing them with a small group. It’s a great way to experience photobooks.

The last month Olia and Russet of 10×10 Photobooks have organized two photobook salons here in New York and they’ve gone very well. It’s a great format for browsing photobooks, and mingling with like minded people.

I’ve kept in touch with Noah the last few years and feel like I’ve been following his feeds since I’ve been on the internet: Flickr Twitter TumblrInstagramVine

I appreciate how he approaches each platform and attempts work within the adopted aesthetic. His ‘everyday’ project went viral a few years ago and that’s probably how many people know his work but since then he’s built an impressive list of projects.

I always enjoy his landscape photographs from Upstate New York when the come through my feeds, but I also grin at his Instgram projects, and admire his dedication to Vine. When I visited him at his studio we tossed a bunch of prints on the table from his 35mm snapshot project ‘pictures that look like this’ and talked about how it’d look in a book. I’m sure it’ll happen one day. He has a lot of projects and ideas, which is why I appreciate his work as much as I do. On top of it, he shoots for GE, Levi’s, Wired, Disney, Gold Digest, Bloomberg and a bunch of others.

We were excited he joined in Bushwick to chat about his book Primed, as well as Larry Sultan’s ‘The Valley’ and ‘On This Site’ by Joel Sternfeld. Two great books. I think it’s been interesting how our guests have pulled out some classics for the show. I think that’s important. We’re aiming for a mix of the new, the classic and the old and unknown. It makes this podcast a fun project for me.

Primed by Noah Kalina

The Valley by Larry Sultan

On This Site by Joel Sternfeld



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