Episode 2.10 – Amy Lombard & Sarah Jacobs



Episode 2.10 – Amy Lombard & Sarah Jacobs

Amy and Sarah joined us at Eddy’s place in Greenpoint to talk about their careers, Vivian Maier, and the fact that perhaps some photographers are publishing photobooks when they don’t need to.

Amy’s had a busy year since transitioning to become a full time photographer. She’s regularly shooting for Vice, New York Mag’s The Cut and The New York Times, as well as continuing to pursue her own projects. It was great to have her on the show, especially since our conversation from season one has had to remain in the dark because of poor audio quality (I really had no idea what I was doing, thankfully Tom is allowing me to host this new iteration!).

Sarah’s a photographer and marketing associate at PhotoShelter, where she regularly co-hosts their I Love Photography podcast. I was a guest on an episode a few months ago if you’re interested in checking it out. Sarah was so good as a co-host that we invited her back on for a future episode. We’re hopping she becomes a regular.

PS: I still haven’t watched Finding Vivian Maier. It’s on my agenda for this weekend. Good luck Sunday Maloof! You know there will be a bunch of Sheep Togs hoping you win and then trip on your way up to accept the award.

Vivian Maier, Street Photographer

Parking Garage Christmas Decorations by Andy Spade

At Water Los Angeles by Nathanael Turner

10 photographs by Amy Lombard

10 photographs by Sarah Jacobs



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