Episode 2.1 – Eddy Vallante & Tom Starkweather



Episode 2.1 – Tom Starkweather & Eddy Vallante

After finishing the first season of the podcast I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep doing it. It was tough for me to listen to myself as I was editing. It’s a very humbling experience. You realize you’re not as articulate as you might think and your biting curse words don’t come off so well when recorded.

Fortunately, Eddy Vallante and Tom Starkweather, two guests from the first season, and now two good friends, volunteered to collaborate with me on the production of the podcast. Tom knows audio, so he’s handling that. He assures it should sound better this year.

We’re also moving to a little bit of a different format. I want to make the show more than a one to one interview show, so I decided we’d try to have two guests on per episode to start, and include Tom or Eddy as well. I figured this would make it more conversational. Plus, we’d add more perspectives into the conversation.

We’re also splitting each episode into two parts. For the first part, we’ll catch up and chat about what’s going with the guests, and then in the second part, we’ll be discussing a photobook.

Photobooks are red hot right now, and for good reason. It’s an exciting time with so many photographers publishing books and indie publishers taking chances on new work. The internet opens up the path for distribution and marketing, not to mention networking. The photobook community is exciting, and the photographers I know are passionate about photobooks.

Photographers each have their own unique collections, so I’m excited to be exposed to some photobooks that would have never crossed my radar. My hope is that those of you listening will find some new books as and enjoy our conversations about them. We’ll do our best to be informative and entertaining!

In this episode, Eddy, Tom and I will be discussing Garry Winogrand’s Arrivals and Departures, one of my favorite books, and as an added bonus, Tom pulled out 1964, an expensive rarity.

You can view some spreads at the following links.

Arrivals & Departures 


Hope you enjoy!

Bryan Formhals

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