Emiliano Granado – Thank God That’s Over

“Thank God that’s over.” Those were the very first words out of my mouth after five days onboard the Explorer of the Seas.

It’s nice receiving things in the mail. Naturally photographers send me stuff because they want me to share it. Others just send stuff because they enjoy it I presume. I have some ideas about sending printed matter (beyond the obvious PR material) through the mail I’m going to flesh out about for a future article. I think there’s a cool opportunity for photographers.

Emiliano’s essay is taken from an editorial shoot and printed on newspaper, which is another thing I think is kind of cool. I’ve been lucky enough to see a whole mess of photographs from the project. I personally think it’d make an interesting book if he wanted to pursue it as a long term project, which of course, would require him to go on several more cruises. It’s an odd culture I think is worth exploring.

‘A 16-page newspaper, 29 color images, printed in New York City. 16.5′ x 11.5′.
Designed by Caleb Owen Everitt.
Photographs by Emiliano Granado.’


Photographs ©Emiliano Granado – ‘Thank God That’s Over’