Contract Killers #31

©Salva López

Salva López was born in Barcelona in 1984.

Lived in Calafell (Tarragona) and moved to Barcelona in 2004 to study graphic design profession which is currently devoted.

In 2007, acquired his first camera and begins to enter the world of photography. In 2008 his studies of advertising photography in school Grisart (Barcelona) and is currently doing the course ‘Projects of author’ thanks to a grant awarded by the school.

His main interests in photography deal, first, on the relationship between man and nature, whether his own or the environment. On the other, capturing moments of your life and create a personal album in constant evolution. His eyes search times and places with a poetic image, enigmatic, sometimes calm and more objective close, leaving open the viewer to create his own vision of the image.

©Sébastien TECCHIO

©Yann Faucher

Yann Faucher – London, United Kingdom

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