Contract Killers #29

©Andy Duncan

My son, Yann-Pierre. Even though he’s otherwise pretty expressive, Yann-Pierre’s been selectively mute for several years. He’s able to talk, but usually just chooses not to. There was a time that even when he did speak it was in no more than a whisper. Music seemed like a good way of reminding him that it was okay for him to make noise.

©Jan Postma

Since I started studying again, journalism, I haven’t had much time (or money) to use the Cambo 4×5 I bought last year. But when I do, I use it as slow as possible. When I just got the camera I was usually very hasty. This photo is a perfect example of experimenting in slow photography. Before I could take the picture I had in my mind, I had to buy a mirror, cut it in about 50 pieces, and glue them back together as best as I could. It portrays my brother, who is always patient whenever I want to take a photo

©Barry Fisher

After a hard night of debauchery and music, Seamus just wants to sleep – 4:00 a.m. 2007 San Francisco Piper’s Club Tionel

Selection by James Turnley
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  • Michael D. Brown

    Wonderful images and edit.