Contract Killers #28

©Lara Alegre

“She’s called Cintia, she’s spontaneous, somehow crazy and totally romantic.”

©Mick van de Wiel

I got asked by a friend to shoot a birthday party of a woman that was turning 90. He knew I’d be interested since the people that attended the party were all older interesting people, most of them once belonging to the old dutch elite. The man on this portrait is called Jos, a very nice man, with very typical mannerisms attributed to the social layer he belongs to. The birthday involved a four course meal and I ate at the table with them, Jos made a small speech before starting dinner, where he expressed he was happy that there was a photographer to document her birthday this year (I was told that they go through the same routine every year) , he also commented on that I’ll be eating at the table and that that is something that just can be these days, which I thought was rather funny.

©Chuck Patch

This was taken at Otakon, the Asian pop culture convention in Baltimore. I interrupted this young woman waiting outside the convention center and took two photographs. This was the first. I like this one because it seems to show the gap in the persona she was trying to assume, where her less confident, actual person leaked through. By my second shot, she had the correct façade fully in place.

Selection by Bryan Formhals
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