Cedric Monot – Paris, France

Sometimes I look at a photographers website and I can’t really figure out why they organize their work the way they do. There are titles and series but there really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, which I don’t mind actually, depending on the photographer of course. I’ve called for photographers to write more, but I’m also a hypocrite because I don’t think some of them should write anything and should just put their whole mess of photographs out into the world and let other people assemble them how they may.

Editing and assembling photographs is what I enjoy most about running this site. Sometimes I feel a bit strange about it because making random selections from a photographers website can create a distorted view of their work. Then again, I think it can also be incredibly important because it gives the photographer another perspective on their work, and hopefully some new ideas on where to take it in the future.

That’s what was basically going through my mind as I was putting together this feature of Cedric Monot’s work.

Photographs ©Cedric Monot

  • http://twitter.com/37milimetros 37milimetros

    Enjoyed very much. Im also in the process of building a website to discuss, new an old, talented photographers and this was a good lesson in my creative process. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arturo-Loup-Bandini/1559169599 Arturo Loup Bandini

    Thanks Bryan, I really appreciate your post. You made a good selection of my photos, and most importantly, you understood me (and my work) just by looking at my photos… :)

    @796f3354cc01130266278c64484590c4:disqus  Melchior spoke to me about your work. I like a lot your photos, especially your series “91110″ and the mystic : “Fortifications”…

  • Anonymous

    How what goes down? 

  • Shane L

    Interested to see how this goes down. I’ve been familair woth Cedric Monot and Melchior Terson’s (http://melchiortersen.com/) work for a while,  the apparent randomness of the sets is refreshing and goes against ‘the 15-25  same format images plus statement layout’  that seems to have become the norm. 
    Plus they take interesting potos of Paris, a rare skill.