Carrie Levy – Ethan from the series You Before All

Photographs ©Carrie Levy – Ethan from the series You Before All

Carrie’s series and show ‘You Before All’ has been popping up around the blogosphere the last few weeks. Instead of posting the same selects, Carrie has provided a set and statement about one subject, Ethan.

Throughout art history the muse is typically a relationship between a male artist and his beautiful female subject. Famous relationships noted are Lee Miller muse to Man Ray, Amanda Lear muse to Salvador Dali, Loulou de la Falaise muse to Yves Saint Laurent and others. All these women sat before these famous male artists under their meditative eye and inspired some of the worlds most impressive works of art.

In this series You Before All Levy has photographed more than 50 male sitters. Yet, Ethan has become her muse. Ethan has been subject to her severe gaze and is continuously placed in both a vulnerable and submissive role. He is often photographed caught between the paradox of pleasure and pain. It is not often that we see men represented in this passive role and by focusing her quiet stare over Ethan’s body, Levy is highlighting that women too can objectify the male body.