Book: Wake by Adam Jeppesen

©Adam Jeppesen

There is no thematic thread, no personal agenda pawing to be let in at the corners of the frame. He shows no desire to be in there, because the fundamental joy of seeing begs for humility and silence. A longer, larger, richer picture is coming into focus. There are no geographical markers in Jeppesen’s photographs. There is no clear text, no giveaway ethnicity or landmark that places the picture on the map. Human characters move slowly and deliberately if they move at all, and they don’t interact with one another. Technology is often present, often looming large, but humans do not interact with it. There’s no palpable enjoyment in that relationship. Perhaps this sounds very drab. Do let me tell you where the action is. - Essay by William Pym

Bold and italics are mine.  That sentence and the larger idea it represents have been on my mind for awhile now, even before I happened to read it in that essay.  The ever constant struggle between representation and abstraction is what makes good photography so interesting.  Somehow, Jeppesen pulls it off nicely in his work.

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  • Billy

    I really enjoy his photographs. There could be more HDR, but not everything’s perfect.

  • marek.wykowski

    when i got this book i was pretty disappointed. small photographs, often spread over two pages and i could not find a general sense in this work. but week after week i was seduced by this book of apparently loose photographs. apparently, because there is a link between them but it takes a moment to find it. definitely a book that leaves a lot of space for interpretation by a viewer.

  • erik neufurth

    thanks. never seen his work before, and yes, i like it. walking on the thin rope where abstration touches being random, without being interchangeable. or something like that. i really like it, the pic you´ve chosen is really great.