Book: V.I.P by Mark Alor Powell

My friend and frequent LPV contributor Kramer O’Neill recently made a trip to Mexico.  While there he participated in one of Mark Alor Powell’s photography workshops.  Near the end of his trip he responded to an email I’d sent him with: “I got you an outstanding little gift in the DF.  Don’t let me forget to give it to you.

Once he returned we met at for a beer at the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint where he gave me my gift, which I’m fairly certain you’ve guessed by now was a signed copy of V.I.P by Mark Alor Powell. He’d found it in a little bookstore in Mexico City. Apparently it was the last one and since it’s out of print, it truly was a great gift.  Mark as been a favorite of mine and LPV for a few years now.  We’ve done a feature on him in the past, and look forward to following his work in the future. Since you can’t own the book for yourself, I thought I’d give you a quick, time lapsed view.  You can also view a few of the images on Flickr.

One last thought, I was thinking last night, how interesting would it be if there were some type of series where filmmaker’s made short films inspired by the work of certain photographers?  I imagine Tarantino’s or Jarmusch‘s take on Mark’s work might be interesting.