Book: I Want To Live Innocent by Torbjorn Rodland


With I Want to Live Innocent, Rødland returns to his hometown of Stavanger. The center of Norway’s oil industry, this sleepy Protestant city on the coast has undergone tremendous economic growth since the 60s, giving rise to a newfound wealth and materialism. Rødland captures these paradoxes with his characteristic range.

This is another book in Raoul’s collection that I paged through frequently while I was at his place.  Another of example of the ‘democratic forest’ approach that I find appealing.  It’s always inspiring to find books that don’t necessarily obey any hard of fast rules about narrative, sequencing or structure.

Shane Lavelette has an interview with him from back in December that’s worth checking out as well – “Contemporary Dialogues: Torbjørn Rødland”

Tørbjorn Rødland: I Want to Live Innocent [Amazon]

Torbjorn Rodland